Conductivity Logger Sensor


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This logger sensor is based on a probe with two flat electrodes with known surface area and distance between them. A signal is supplied to the electrodes and by testing the signal behaviour, the conductivity of the solution is calculated.
The logger sensor has three ranges for displaying the solution conductivity: µs/cm – micro Siemens per centimetre mg/L – milligram per Litre
ppm – part per million
As with all Edu-Logger Sensors this must be used with the Edulogger USB module or the Wi-Fi module
Experiment Duration: 1 second to 31 days.
Range and operation modes:-
0-20000 µs/cm, 0-18000 mg/L, 0-18000 ppm
ADC resolution15 bit
0-2000 µs/cm – 0.1 µs/cm, Over 2000 – 1 µs/cm
0-1000 mg/L – 0.1 mg/L 100, Over 1000 – 1 mg/L
0-1000 ppm – 0.1 ppm, Over 1000 – 1 ppm
Max Sample Rate (S/sec):- 3000 (subject to experiment duration)

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