Digital Sound Level Meter


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A superbly designed easy to use sound level meter with features normally only found on more expensive instruments. It has an electret condenser microphone giving virtually instant readings updated every 0.5 seconds on an extra large LCD display.

4 measuring ranges, 40 to 70dB, 60 to 90dB, 80 to 110dB or 100 to 130dB
0.1dB resolution updated every 0.5 seconds
Auto ranging or manual range selection
‘A’ & ‘C’ frequency weighting
Fast or slow response filters
42mm LCD display with quasi-analogue bargraph and function Indicators
Bargraph in 1dB steps updated every 40ms
Max hold function to display the highest recorded value
Min/max memory since power on or last reset
Low battery indicator
Auto power off
Analogue output AC: 0.707 Vrms (at full scale)
Supplied with battery

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