Bactericidal Surface Wipes 200 Pk


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Our 70% alcohol wipes are specifically designed to effectively disinfect all hard surfaces in order to prevent cross contamination. Made from a high quality non-woven polyester fabric, they are lint free, which means no annoying loose fibres left behind. In addition to this due to the I.P.A. (Isopropyl alcohol) the wipes leave no residue so surfaces will be streak free! These wipes are ideal for the healthcare industry and are especially suited to care homes, nurseries, surgeries and hospitals. They are tested and approved to EN1276, EN1275 and have effective kill rates against MRSA, HIV, C-Difficile & Enterococcus Hirae. Wipes come in a sturdy, cylindrical tub with resealable lid to ensure they don’t dry out.

  • non-woven construction; offers good strength for wiping over a variety of surfaces
  • 70% Alcohol formulation; ensures that cleaning & disinfection happens during single wiping process
  • 200 wipes pack; offers excellent economy
  • resealable tub container; great for contract cleaners and cleaning trolleys
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