BrightSparks Eco Solar Kit Mini


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‘Explore the world of Solar Energy with the fantastic Solar Eco Kit Mini’


Key activities & features:
  • Understand and build your own Solar powered circuits
  • Convert light energy into electrical energy then use with real world components
  • Find out which components use more power
  • Learn how to analyze, measure and understand actual readings with a multimeter (Voltage, Resistance & Current)
  • Investigate the difference between using modules in series & parallel
  • Experiment with cell alignment & shading to see how it affects efficiency
  • Resources CD contains in depth user manual¬†
  • All components are durable and securely fixed
  • Each module displays the electrical symbol and the name of each component¬†
  • Simply plug and play. All connections between each module are made by easy to use 4mm sockets and leads
  • Additional modules are also available to accompany the kit
Kit Contains:

1 x Solar Cell Units (ST028)
1 x Auto-ranging Digital multimeter

1 x White L.E.D module
1 x Buzzer Module
1 x Motor module
2 x Crocodile adaptor clips
In depth Resources CD ROM
4 Red leads
4 Black leads
Neatly packed in a flip top box

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