Hotplate & Magnetic Stirrer


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The ISG® Hotplate and Magnetic stirrer is made of stainless steel with a ceramic to coating resist corrosion. It also has a separated safety circuit which will automatically stop heating when temperature reaches 350 degrees. The variable speed motor is designed to stay at a constant speed even during change in load. High magnetic adhesion ensures that the stirrer bar stays stable at the bottom of the container. The ISG Hotplate Stirrer features an enclosed assembly with protection class IP42 and a DC brushless motor which guarantees long product life

Dimension of work plate [mm] 135mm
Speed range [rpm] 0-1500
Work plate material Stainless steel with ceramic coated Speed display Scale
Motor type DC brushless motor
Heating output [W] 500
Motor rating input [W] 18
Heating temperature range [°C] RT-340
Motor rating output [W] 10
Safety temperature [°C] 350
Power [W] 530
Temperature display Scale
Voltage [VAC] 200-240
External temperature sensor N/A
Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Heating warning [℃] N/A
Stirring positions 1
Remote control (RS232 interface) N/A
Max. stirring quantity[H2O], L 20
Protection class according to DIN EN60529 IP42
Max. magnetic bar(L x Ø) [mm] 80
Dimension [W x D x H] mm 160×280×85
Weight [kg] 2.8


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