Microwave Receiver


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This Techlab range of equipment has been developed to demonstrate the properties of electromagnetic waves and as an aid to teaching the behaviour of visible light. The value of using microwave radiation for this purpose is two fold. Firstly, the concept that visible light is a small section of a much wider band of frequencies may be introduced. Secondly microwave radiation share so many common properties with visible light that many experiments can be undertaken, which would otherwise be impossible due to limitations on time or equipment costs.

  • Wave Optics in Centimetre Range
  • Demonstrates the properties of electro magnetic waves
  • Interference and diffraction can be demonstrated easily
  • Designed and tested EN300-440, compliant to EN50371

Mode: CW or external modulated

Frequency: 10.5GHz (compatable with many existing systems)

Average power: 15mW

Supply Voltage: 5Vdc external adaptor (supplied)

Mode: CW or modulated signal

Frequency 10.5GHz (compatable with many existing systems)

Antenna Gain: 17dB

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