POWER Signal Generator



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This signal generator is capable of generating multiple waveform and offers
excellent waves shape, signal linearity, waveform symmetry and frequency range
with selection of sine, triangular and square wave and amplitude variable 10 V
peak to peak. 1 Hz to 100 kHz in five decade ranges selected by rotary switch
named as frequency multiplier. Sine, triangular and square waveforms selected by
push switch with LED indication. Output signal is 0 – 3.5 Vrms (10 V peak to peak)
open circuit continuously control with uncalibrated amplitude control knob. Signal
Generator is versatile for general laboratory use; output signal is adjustable with
the combination of frequency multiplier and set frequency dial with a low level of
distortion. Set frequency is displayed on a 4 segment display. Output Voltage is
continuously variable with selector range 1 V and 10 V.There is two pair of output
safety sockets. One for CRO output and another pair of sockets to drive a speaker
or vibration generator.

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