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The Supertek power supply is the first of a new range of products exclusive
designed and developed to meet the needs of schools.
Offering 1-12V output of both AC and full wave rectified DC the power supply is ideal
for general laboratory use where a smoothed or regulated output is not required.
whilst also having dual overload protection in the form of a resettable thermal cut
• Output voltage: 1-12V AC/DC in 1V steps
• Current output: 6A maximum (combined AC/DC)
• Full wave rectified DC output (unsmoothed and unregulated)
• Resettable short circuit protection
• Stackable and a detachable IEC mains cable
• Manufacturer’s warranty: 2 year
• Fully CE certified
• Dimensions: 6Amp Power Supply L205 x W195 x H125mm, 4.5kg

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